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Updating song titles ipod

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May is the best answer that I could give cause restoring the device looks be hard to many people but sorry folks is the only solution that work for me.

okay for users who are subscribed to apple music read the suggestions on the following link I will be brief and clear Talking about i Tunes for Mac or windows doesn't matter the operator system there a option shows as Restore Technically means erase If you do the process Manually directly on your i Phone will show as Erase all content and settings Settings//general//reset//erase all content and settings backing to restore from i Tunes this process could take a wile all depend of internet speed in case i Tunes has to download the i OS file around 1.8Gb, if you update the device using i Tunes you will save time cause the i OS file will be already save on it only apply to devices updated over the air means updating from your device using only wifi Settings//general//software update when this process has completed will be 2 options First one set as new Phone The device will be as factory settings, no data none information about it be aware of this option Second one restore from i Tunes back Up from this option will show a list of backups for date and time starting from the top more recents pick up one of those backups and all your settings and data will be transferring to your device it could take around 1 hour or less per example on my devices I use both systems Windows OS restoring around 40Gb of data specs: 2.5Ghz I5 it could take about 80 minutes Mac OS same 40Gb of data Specs 2.8Ghz I5 it takes only around 45 minutes.

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I have unchecked the checkbox for show most current, or something like htat, but don't know what else to do? Curiously enough, I still have about 4 GB left on my phone. However, I got duplicates of my playlist when I did that but those are easy to get rid of.

First I find notes are no longer sync and then I am having the same issue as above whereby my playlists are not being updated. Apparently, Apple is the richest company in the world!

I decided to delete the playlist from my phone and then synced hoping that the playlist from my PC would sync properly with my iphone but OH NO.... However, they must have lost all their fine programmers to Google!

Also, another problem that I am having, is that when I ask Siri to play a particular artist shuffled, it always says that that artist is not in my music library, however when I go to check, it is there. I, too, got rid of all my music on my phone and re-added it. All of your music will now begin re-syncing (being added again to) your phone.

This is just a guess, however I think these problems have to do something with Apple music. Thing is, it seem that, right now, I have to do this every time I add a new song to a playlist or it won't add it on my phone. All of your music will be deleted from your phone (but NOT from i Tunes on your computer). Once that process is completed, all of your music, including things you've previously added to playlists, should show up on your phone.