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to go to the operating company's website for official information, timetables and fares (most have English language option). The SGV and CGN in Switzerland are especially forthcoming with information about ship and other operating costs, passenger numbers (by ship, day and pier) etc Please always check with the operator before travelling if you are intending to sail on a paddle steamer as some may be out of service for repair whether short-term or for a longer full renovation.
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Therefore, in all contexts, the English content, as directly provided by the IUCN Red List is to be held authoritative." Justification: Listed as Least Concern in view of its wide distribution, tolerance of a broad range of habitats, presumed large population, and because it is unlikely to be declining fast enough to qualify for listing in a more threatened category.This species ranges throughout much of South Asia including southern Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.The species breeds, and the larvae develop, in suitable waterbodies.The species may be found in modified habitats, usually where suitable wetland habitat is available.There are no known threats to this species in Iran or Afghanistan.While there are no specific conservation measures in place for this species, it is very widespread and tolerant of a degree of habitat modification. (errata version published in 2016) The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2009: e. There are no major threats to this species as a whole.

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It has been recorded from brackish water in southern Sri Lanka.

Adults are generally found basking at the edge of the waterbodies and males call from within the water.