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I expect people that I meet with be height/weight proportional but do not require someone to be the "perfect 10".
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Firstly, the markets would lend money only at a usurious interest rate if at all to a government led by an extreme Left-winger such as Jeremy Corbyn.

Secondly, it is an incontrovertible law of economics that the more you try to tax people after a certain point, the less you raise.

Not a day goes by when Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t hint that she is prepared to form some sort of alliance with Mr Corbyn.

If you thought an Alex Salmond/Ed Miliband axis was terrifying, a Corbyn/Sturgeon partnership should give us all nightmares.

Meanwhile, his closest ally, the Marxist shadow chancellor John Mc Donnell, has called for MI5 and armed police to be abolished, while saying that the IRA murderers of men, women, children, British servicemen and police officers should be ‘honoured’.

As for Diane Abbott, the clueless and incoherent woman in charge of the security brief, she has voted against anti-terror measures 30 times, while declaring in the past that any defeat of the British state by IRA terrorists was a ‘victory’.

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Which brings us to the party’s plans to raise revenue through borrowing and a bewildering array of taxes on income, wealth, businesses and inheritance, and a levy on land (including gardens) devised specifically to depress house prices.

Research has shown that four-fifths of Britons, even those who supported Remain, now believe that we should press ahead with withdrawal.

That means giving Mrs May and her negotiators the strongest possible mandate to strike the best deal for Britain with an EU that will ruthlessly exploit any sign of weakness or division.

As for Mr Corbyn, even before talks begin in earnest, he has made clear he will pay any price our partners demand for us to retain open borders and membership of the single market and customs union (which would leave us subject to European courts and prevent us striking trade deals in the wider world).

In other words, he would sign a blank cheque to retain our EU membership in all but name.