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Sociolotron is a virtual world which has virtually no rules.
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Some of those people are there through no fault of their own.

Since I have had all my children, since I can cook and clean and make a damn good living for myself and my children, you bring nothing to the table I need in the traditional sense.He did tell you to be "keepers at home", if you are so caught up in church work that you are making your family the second priority in your life you aren't following your own rule book. I see no need to potentially work myself into an early grave to keep you in shiny trinkets and new cars. Saw the comments about people in their 40s dating and this is what came to mind.I digress, fanaticism of any kind is a psychological addiction and I prefer to spend my time with people who lead a well balanced life. I am pretty content with a pot of beans and a nice clean, comfortable house in a decent neighborhood and a vehicle that works and is safe. I have no real interest in getting into another permanent relationship.Happiness is an emotional response to external stimuli. If you are walking around looking like you have a beer keg stuffed in your pants, you don't give a shit about yourself, so I really don't expect you to give a shit about me in the long run.To break the vow of "til' death do us part" over an emotional state that may or may not be another person's fault, is shallow and shows a lack of emotional maturity. Don't give me that crap about how happy you are with yourself, you're not and we both know it.I know me a helluva lot better than anyone else does. Since I am not a horny, partying twenty something or a desparate to have kids thirty something these rules work for me.