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It takes a special amount of ability to separate work from home and to treat the person differntly in each situation.

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Stempfley tells ET that she first met Luyendyk Jr., a race car driver and real estate agent who currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, through Instagram."We started talking in January 2016, just through direct message.I said to him a few times, "If this is totally weird- if you don't want to talk to me- I completely understand and I'll hang up right now and you'll never hear from me again.I just wanted to know how you were doing." He kept answering, "This is just unexpected." I felt like he wanted to talk.We kind of talked off and on just through Instagram, but I landed a job in Scottsdale after graduating [Miami University in Ohio]," she explains."I flew out to search for apartments, so I messaged Arie and I told him that I would be in the area and he asked me out on our first date." "We hit it off right away and started dating as soon as I moved here," she adds.

His current girlfriend answered the phone and then while I was on the phone with him, in the backround she realized who I was and yelled, "Why don't you just ******* die, *****?!

I called him today- after leaving him over 5 years ago and being married and having kids and not talking to him for almost 5 years.

I love my husband, but I still love my ex-boyfriend.

I didn't think that what we had was enough because I wasn't fully satisfied with him.

When I was with him, I constantly thought of the man who is now my husband.