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On that date, she receives a proportionate nonliquidating distribution of the following assets.(I) Calculate Chelsea’s recognized gain or loss on the distribution, if any. (IV) Calculate Chelsea’s basis for her partnership interest after the distribution. (TCO 9) Murray owns an insurance policy on the life of his father, Ethan.(II) Calculate Chelsea’s basis in the inventory received. Upon Ethan’s death, the policy proceeds of ,000,000 are paid to the designated beneficiary, Grace. (III) What are the tax consequences if Murray dies first (i.e., predeceases both Grace and Ethan)? (TCO 10) In 1985, Scott and Dana acquired land for 0,000, with Scott furnishing 0,000 and Dana 0,000 of the purchase price.What are the tax consequences resulting from Ethan’s death based on the following assumptions? Title to the property is listed as equal joint tenancy with right of survivorship.

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(II) In 2012, Blue sells the land held for investment for 3,000. Her adjusted basis for her partnership interest on July 1 of the current year is 0,000.The partnership has an ,000 adjusted basis in the property contributed by Rachel.Rachel recognizes a ,000 loss on her property transfer.Lava Corporation has two other shareholders, Timothy and Brett, each of whom holds 50 shares. On July 1, Everest Corporation distributes ,000 to its sole, noncorporate shareholder.Which is the amount of the distribution that is a dividend? (TCO 3) Parrot Corporation has accumulated E & P of ,000 on January 1, 20×1.In 20×1, Parrot has current E & P of ,000 (before any distribution).