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The site also includes remains of agricultural use from the 18th and 19th centuries.
“Silver Linings Playbook” stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have been spending a lot of time together since reports broke last week that Lawrence split with her boyfriend of two years, Nicholas Hoult.

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There were also cases where not only money was lost in the scam, but people were kidnapped or even worse.

In this blog post we exposed more examples of scams carried on social media networks (tips on how to stay safe from them included).

If your system becomes infected with such dangerous malware, you will become one of the bots which are part of a larger network of affected computers.

In this unfortunate event, your computer will start sending private data and financial information to a fraudulent server controlled by IT criminals.

In order to do that, the phishing emails will seem to come from an official source – it can be bank authorities or other financial institutes, but also delivery companies or social networks representatives.

This way, they’ll persuade you to click on the links contained by their messages and access a website that looks legit, looks like the real one, but it’s actually controlled by them.

You will be sent to a fake login access page that resembles the real website.

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A typical Nigerian scam involves an emotional email, letter, text message or social networking message coming from a scammer (which can be an official government member, a businessman or a member of a very wealthy family member – usually a woman) who asks you to give help in retrieving a large sum of money from a bank, paying initially small fees for papers and legal matters.If such an incredible pre-approved loan is offered to you, simply use your common sense to judge if it’s for real or not.Though it may seem unlikely for people to get trapped by this scam, there’s still a big number of people who lost money by paying the “mandatory” processing fees required by the scammers.To keep yourself safe from identity theft and data breach, we recommend using a specialized security program against this type of dangers.To find out more information about financial malware, read this article.Here’s a complete guide on how to detect and prevent phishing attacks – filled with screenshots and actionable tips.