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The Internet Age has made it easier than ever to check up on almost anyone’s past, and many of the resources to do this are free. But how does one go about conducting an effective online background check? Here are some rock solid tips to help you complete your mission. If you are an employer or landlord using a third party (like those that produce consumer credit reports – Equifax, etc.) to screen potential employees, you MUST comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and be able to document that you have done so.
The state will be updating the reporting system and current computers that were purchased in 2007 will not support it. EM: Motion by Loomis, second by Hass approve and allow chairman to sign report of personnel action that will inform the state of yearly salary adjustment for EM Gravning. It was determined to leave policy as it stands with no written procedure necessary. CLAIMS: Motion by Bjerke, second by Wicks to approve claims and allow Auditor to issue payment for same: All voting aye. COMMISSIONERS: Clark Co Courier-proceedings/open house 316.43, Ken’s Fairway-open house supplies 21.12, AUDITOR: Office Peeps-ink cartridge 28.96, TREASURER: Clark Co Courier-prior year’s tax/delinquent tax/209.26, STATES ATTORNEY: SD Dept of Rev-blood alcohol 140.00, Thomson Reuter-online library 744.50 PUBLIC BUILDINGS: City of Clark –water 61.50, Cole Paper-supplies 160.22, Cook’s Wastepaper – garbage service 27.65, Northwestern Energy-utilities 1288.71, DIRECTOR OF EQUALIZATION: Mc Leods-assessment notices 157.89, Office Peeps-toner/apt book 150.17, REGISTER OF DEEDS: A&B Business-copy machine rent 130.16, SHERIFF: Clark Comm Oil-fuel 645.13, Mc Leods- juvenile citations- 39.37, Neve’s uniform shirt 55.45, PRISONER CARE: Codington Co Auditor –prisoner care 2050.00, AIRPORT: Dakota Signs-building signs 269.00, Northwestern Energy-utilities 150.22, AMBULANCE: A-Ox Welding supply- oxygen/cylinder lease 285.26, Arrow International -supplies 776.11, Bound Tree Medical LLC, supplies 4282.18, City of Clark-water 48.00, Cark Co Courier-help wanted 44.70, Clark Community Oil-fuel 207.34, Dekker Hardware-supplies 43.75, Northwestern Energy-utilities 405.25, Prairie Lakes Healthcare-supplies 79.95, Premier Specialty Vehicles-locking drug box 365.00, Unemployment Ins Div – unemployment 53.27, Voyager Fleet-fuel 59.56, Watertown Public Opinion-help wanted ad-128.20, SOC SERV FOR AGED: Inter-Lakes Com Action Inc- Jan comm service/60’s plus 2624.08, EXTENSION: Dekker Hardware-supplies 120.00, WEED: Clark Community Oil- fuel-35.00, Sturdevants Auto Parts-supplies 141.45, Unemployment Ins Div OF SD –fees 79.91, Van Diest Supply –pesticides 5602.10, URBAN & RURAL DEVEL: First District Assn of Local Govt-jt coop agreement -9288.18, ROAD & BRIDGE: 22 Truck & Trailers-t-98 1260.55, Ameripride Services-towels 120.30, Bierschbach Equipment & Supply-crack sealer-50,802.00, Brian’s Glass and Door-repair glass 765.00, City of Clark – water 91.50, Clark Co Courier-help wanted-33.00, Clark Co Farmers Elev-diesel transport 11,465.15, Clark Comm Oil-diesel 4735.14, Cook’s Wastepaper-garbage service 74.33, Dekker Hardware- supplies 99.46, Frontier Precision-parts/freight 315.27, Matheson Tri-Gas welding supplies 238.30, Menards-parts 292.51, Northwestern Energy-utilities 1465.76, Pheasantland Industries-safety gear 323.79, Productivity Plus Acct-parts 1958.35, RDO Trust-parts 294.92, Sanford Health Network-pre employment physical 39.00. ORGANIZATION OF THE BOARD: Auditor Tarbox called for nominations for Chairman of the Clark County Board of Commissioners for the year 2016. the time specified hearing was held for Variance 2-14. Motion by Loomis, second by Wicks to allow applicant to use W½SW1/4 33-116-56 to place a house closer to the right of way. EXECUTIVE SESSION : Motion by Bjerke, second by Loomis to enter into executive session at a.m. AMBULANCE: Ambulance administrator Grensberg updated the board that she will not be putting Internet access in the Willow Lake ambulance garage as it is not cost effective. ATTEST: (SEAL) ____________________________ The Clark County Commissioners met in regular session on January 21, 2014, in the Commissioners’ meeting room of the Clark County Courthouse. with the following Commissioners present: Bjerke, Reints, Loomis and Wicks Also present Auditor Tarbox and Robert Saur. Chairman Hass declared out of executive session at a.m. ABATEMENT #4-14: Motion by Reints, second by Loomis to approve abatement #4-2014: DOE #5007 in the amount of .65 for property is now tax exempt to the town of Bradley. Voting aye: Bjerke, Reints, Loomis, Hass and Wicks. COMMISSIONERS: Jackie Peckham-garage rent-65.00, Ken’s Fairway-supplies 3.30, Chris Tarbox-supplies for open house 10.37, ELECTIONS: Election Systems and Software-firmware usage agrmt-2452.00, AUDITOR: Office peeps- ink cartridges 189.19, TREASURER: Quill Corp- envelopes 219.95, STATES ATTORNEY: West payment Center-online library-676.37, COURT SYSTEM: Green, Roby Oviatt, Cummings-court app atty 1015.20, PUBLIC BUILDINGS: Ken’s Fairway-supplies 9.99, Northwestern Energy-utilities 2413.15, Chris Tarbox-blue prints/postage 23.50, DIRECTOR OF EQUALIZATION: Cardmember Service-update course/online 149.95, REGISTER OF DEEDS: A&B Business-lease contract 119.17, SHERIFF: A&B Business-letter boxes 52.28, Mack’s-supplies 339.90, Ultramax Ammunition-ammuniction-295.00, Wex Bank- Dec 2013 fuel 1035.99, PRISONER CARE: Codington Co Auditor-prisoner care 3205.00, AIRPORT: Northwestern Energy-utilities 138.26, POOR: City of Clark-co resident assistance 125.00, Credit Bureau of Wtn-collection fees 33.33, AMBULANCE: Bound Tree Medical-supplies 99.79, Clark Comm Oil-diesel 378.93, Credit Bureau Wtn-collection fees 25.00, Northwestern Energy-utilities 496.89, Prairie Lakes Healthcare-supplies 80.55, Voyager Fleet Systems-fuel 244.67, SOC SERV FOR AGED: Inter-Lakes Comm Action-Jan comm service/nutrition Used 2 B New 2668.75, MENTAL HEALTH CENTER: Human Service Agency 1st qtr appropriations-3771.26, CULTURE & RECREATION: Glacial Lakes & Prairie Tours-2014 Co membership contribution 425.00, EXHIBITION BLDG O&M: Clark Co 4-H Leaders -4-H building fund 5000.00, EXTENSION: Ken’s Fairway-supplies 12.09, WEED: Cardmember service-update course 300.00, Larry Lynch- Ins deduction 725.00, URBAN & RURAL DEVEL: First District Assn of Local -2014 Joint Cooperative agreement 8755.00, ROAD & BRIDGE: Clark Co Farmers Elevator-supplies/gas 29,880.95, Clark Comm Oil-diesel 19,014.20, Clark Rural Water-royalties 1381.49, Diamond Mowers-parts 168.44, GCR Tire Centers-tires 4521.30, Glacial Lakes radiator-radiator 800.00, Dennis Herman-Ins deductible 1250.00, Loretta Larson Revocable Trust-royalties 803.32, Larry Lynch-ins deductible-525.00, Matheson Tri-gas-welding supplies 609.80, Stan Mohr-ins deductible 477.50, Northwestern Energy-utilities 2120.61, Office Peeps-printer/supplies 550.60, RDO Equipment-parts/supplies 3736.06, Sioux City Foundry-blades-cutting edges 9760.00, Wegman oil-diesel 2607.36, 911 SERVICE FUND: Centurylink-911 line fees 191.66, CIVIL DEFENSE: Voyager Fleet Systems-fuel 94.17. PAYROLL: AUDITOR: 4621.78, TREASURER: 4178.53, STATES ATTORNEY: 3567.87, COURTHOUSE: 2435.07, DIRECTOR OF EQUALIZATION: 4213.64, REGISTER OF DEEDS: 2255.19, VETERAN SERVICE OFFICE: 336.40, SHERIFF: 6326.52, NURSE: 1332.67, AMBULANCE: 4853.62, EXTENSION: 986.50, WEED: 1666.41, ROAD & BRIDGE: 36,567.83, EMERGENCY/MANAGEMENT: 1150.21. Commissioner Wicks nominated Reints, second by Bjerke. MINUTES: Motion by Bjerke, second by Loomis, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting on December 27, 2013. FUEL QUOTES : The following fuel quotes were presented to the board. The County accepted the low bid and all bids are on file in the Auditor's office. Gas: Clark Farmers Elevator 3.10, Clark Community Oil: 3.129. Bids will be read publicly on the 21st day of January 2014 at the Clark County Courthouse in the chambers of the Clark County Commissioner. Dated at Clark, South Dakota, this 7Christine Tarbox MOTORGRADER LOAN: Motion by Reints, second by Wicks to renew the motorgrader loan with Dacotah bank for calendar year 2014. He will obtain additional information and report back to the board on January 21, 2014. EMERGENCY MANAGER: Motion by Wicks, second by Loomis to allow Chairman to sign first quarter report for Emergency Manager Gravning. This motion is contingent upon the 4-H Leaders and Horseman's club also approving this request. Commissioners voting aye: Bjerke, Reints, Loomis, Wicks and Hass. Dated at Clark, South Dakota this 7th day of January, 2014.

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