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When asked about reports that pilots are threatening industrial action Mr O'Leary responded: 'If you want and need to ask your staff to give up holidays no work to rule can alter that.'He added: 'I don't even know how there would be industrial action in Ryanair.

There isn't a union.' He also said there have been no demands for new contracts.

A source revealed that Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Stansted, East Midlands have already rejected the bonus scheme, with Birmingham, Luton and Edinburgh deciding imminently.

One captain who spoke to Mail Online afterward Mr O'Leary's comments accused him of talking 'bull***t', adding: ‘Let’s be clear, this mess isn’t going to end in October.

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But pilots are now coming together to form a united front against Mr O'Leary, with nearly 50 airports now banded together and union memberships for the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) soaring.

Mr O'Leary told the airline's shareholders that 'unions are trying to give Ryanair a bloody nose' but denied any 'bad relationship' between bosses and staff and said they 'don't want unionisation'.

He said pilots due to take a four-week block of holidays in the next few months because a change in annual leave rotas will be told to reduce that to three weeks.

When asked what he thought about staff on a private Whats App group referring to him as 'the Clown', he said given what had happened with the roster it was an 'appropriate' description.

The Irish billionaire, who grinned and put his arm around fellow directors at the AGM, will now recruit 125 new pilots over the next fortnight and will take back one week of its existing pilots' holidays to prevent any further flight cancellations.