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The first thing I was asked was “asl” – meaning what is my age, sex and location. On the second test, I ended up in a brief chat with a young man, a software developer from India.

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At first, rats had low rate of responding, but when shock was not present, responded more than the no-shock group.

- Are you a Power Point presenter looking to impress your audience with professional layouts?environment exclusively controls behavior helped destroy structuralism, fought against instinctualists and geneticists not interested in the black box, observe behavior on its own terms believed in some fundamental reflexes and instincts---emotions can be conditioned (Lil Albert) contiguity theorist: presentation of stimuli and response also response theorist: how animal responds is more important also also continuity theorist: learning is incremental reinforcement has no effect on behavior---preservation of behavior is all that matters learning is passive--environment in control rejected notion of consciousness key element in organism's structure that allows it to make S-R connections thoughts are muscle twitches-some sort of internal dialogue manifested through muscular movements act as the glue that binds complex behaviors rejected Watson's ideas in U-shaped maze experiment, animals learn one maze and then run longer and shorter mazes--responding is reflexive if you mess up the rat's motor behavior, according to Watson, it shouldn't be able to run the maze..didelementalist approach incorrect the whole is different from the sum of the parts!nothing wrong with introspection per se, but its application is inappropriate more interested in large segments of behavior than molecular behavior of behavioristsa field is a dynamic, interrelated system where any part of the system influences all the parts Gestalten (meaningful configurations) can be thought of as small fields Gestalt emphasis on totality and not individual parts Gestalt solution to mind-body problem external stimuli cause reactions in the brain, and we experience them as they occur brain organizes and adds meaning to incoming sensory stimuli molecules and atoms in the brain not so different from thoughts and emotions activities of the brain correspond with the content of thoughtgeographical environment is the physical world, while behavioral environment is our psychology/subjective reality we never truly experience the physical world as it is, subjective reality determines behaviorwhen an organism is confronted with a problem, a state of cognitive disequilibrium insues and continues until the problem is solved---motivation for learning learning seen as special problem of perceptionanimal must have all the elements to a problem's solution insightful learning characterized by: 1) transmission from presolution to solution is sudden and complete 2) performance based on a solution gained by insight is usually smooth and free of error 3) solution retained for considerable amount of time 4) principle gained from insight is easily applied to other problemswhen a principle learned from one problem-solving situation is applied to others Gestaltists thought this posed a problem for behaviorists Spence was like.generalization and the tendency of an animal to approach the stimulus with the highest net value still ignored to cognitive aspect Spence could make prediction about transposition, so his view was generally accept THEY WERE BOTH WRONGthe nature of problem solving and the techniques that could be used to teach it rote memorization=bad apply meaning to a principle and the student will understand and remember it better ability to understand depends on each person's emotional state, intellect, age, etc.SWIFT codes are used to identify banks and financial institutions worldwide.It may also be difficult to verify representations you receive from a hedge fund.The group mostly sings the Zef music, which is catered for the people in the Cape Town.