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They are called the third sex in Thailand – men, women and ladyboys, who are sometimes called by the Thai word "katoey." I have never used the term "katoey" with Sue because she thinks it is demeaning. After initially contacting Sue through the online dating service, we began chatting almost every day. Sue had a hard time with the English language and I was no better with Thai. And the more we got to know each other, the more we both knew that we had found our dream partners. We quickly walked outside into the humid night air and hailed a taxi. While continuing to play with her ass with my right hand, I began playing with her cock with my left hand. In Thailand, there are an estimated quarter of a million ladyboys. It was the first time I had seen her naked and I wanted to take in the sight of her naked body – her perfectly firm breasts, which were the result of implants – and her small lovely uncut cock. Her uncut manmeat hung down limply and I was determined to change that in a hurry. I could feel Sue almost purr as the finger began to stimulate her prostate. My index finger entered her love hole and I began moving it in a circular motion. She lifted her ass a little higher to allow easier access. I kicked off my running shoes and pulled down the nylon jogging pants I had worn on the 25-hour flight from the United States to Bangkok. I licked my index and middle fingers and slowly started to enter her hole.But only if you promote your line and make a success we all share the profits! Pay-per-click search engines can be as low as one cent per visitor! There are literally hundreds of places on the web offering free classifieds. Newspaper advertising start around for a circulation of 60,000 readers. Look in the back of magazines, newspapers, journals, and what do you see? Do you think they would continually spend that kind of money if they weren't getting any kind of response?

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We made love hard – each thrusting into each other as forcefully as possible.

She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, causing a surge of electricity along my scrotum to the bottom of my spine. Upon feeling my fingers at the entrance to her ass, Sue moved her bottom back onto my fingers.

Continuing her downward trek, Sue stuck her tongue in my navel and then softly took the head of my rock-hard cock in her mouth. I felt one of her fingers start to play with my ass. So I began playing with her bottom, running a couple of fingers around the rim of her ass.

As I write this, I am sitting at my laptop computer on the balcony of my apartment in Bangkok, Thailand. But when we are in bed, I love playing with her "boy toy." Her first name is Janday..she likes to be called Sue. Sue and I met on an online service that specializes in gay relationships. Unlike most of the ladyboy pictures on the online dating service, all of Sue's pictures showed her completely dressed. A chai simply consists of putting your hands together palm to palm in front of your chest like you are praying, and then bowing ever so slightly. But I reached out and she melted into my arms and I kissed the top of her head. I felt her tongue glide over my lips and then shoot into my mouth. We stayed frozen in that position, passionately kissing each other, for several minutes. I gently licked her peeslit, and swirled my tongue around the helmet of her cock.

Behind me my ladyboy lover is puttering around in the kitchen, washing the dishes from our breakfast. She has gorgeous features – lovely almond-shaped dark eyes, upturned sexy lips, dark smooth skin, thick black hair that falls straight around her face, and a body that most women would kill for. As I watch Sue moving around the kitchen dressed only in a peach-colored silk top and black panties, I can't believe my good fortune. She stopped her ministrations on my cock long enough to turn around and smile at me.