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Dating a banker anonamous

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He produced a photographic driving licence and we once again exchanged documentation.

This time he left with the car, the logbook and three sets of keys.

On reflection I concluded that if he was, my ID request meant he would not return.

None the less, I decided that if he did I would have to be extra vigilant.

I asked what the chances were of my being given a forged banker's draft.

One per cent maximum - very, very unlikely, I was told. That evening I collected the buyer from the station and we drove straight to my house.

He stopped, and I explained that I had forgotten to ask him for proof of identity.

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Then at least I will feel that some good might come of a very unpleasant sequence of events.There I handed over all the documentation and received a crime reference number.They too said they believed the loss would be covered by insurance. After 30 minutes it finally confirmed that there is a standard term on most insurance policies to exclude "loss or damage to your car or loss of money from selling your car to someone who deceives you".The day arrived and I met him at the railway station.We went for a test drive and then back to my home, where we completed the V5 form. " Being honest I reminded him that price agreed was £25,000, which was the sum the banker's draft was actually made out for.And of course I no longer have a car, or the funds to buy a new one.