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Surprise surprise, says Jeney — it’s the inability to connect deeply with a potential romantic partner. Below, learn why authenticity is so critical to dating, and how a milkshake could help you find your next bae.

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Her blog posts include “Dating: Warning Signs That You’re Dating a Major Psycho.” Social Clout: 2,480 followers, 199 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Relevant Sharon and Mariann (aka Sha and Mares) are the founders of Life Bytes Real, an online dating site offering relevant content and articles about how different couples met online.The duo has found success advising “men, women, young, old, bi, gay or straight” in clever rundowns of dates and situations.Of course, being freshly launched, Get Real’s immediate hurdle is the network effect.The bootstrapping developer behind the startup, Arnaud Meunier — a U.If that’s not enough to get you to visit her site, Davis actually met her fiance on Twitter!Social Clout: 8,621 followers, 726 likes URL: Bragging Rights: It’s in the details Joshua Pompey is recognized around the world as an expert in the field of online dating and relationships.For a little added context the app also foregrounds whether the two of you have any mutual contacts on other social services (Twitter, Facebook and Linked In — if you’ve link those accounts). When you open Get Real after setting it up, it shows other users in your immediate vicinity who are at least theoretically willing to meet.

That’s where our 10 Best Online Dating Experts come in.

Social Clout: 4,114 followers, 1,143 likes URL: Bragging Rights: One of us The Urban Dater, founded by Alex Vasquez, is a “blog that covers the topics of dating, sex, relationship, love and everything that comes with the unmarried life.” The site features reader questions, guest posting and new content on a daily basis.

Vasquez is “one of us” and is not afraid to shed light on where he’s been while imparting wisdom based on real-life experiences.

Jason and Kelli Krafsky are “The Social Media Couple.” Active Facebookers since early 2008, Jason and Krafsky are inspired by the trial and error of everyday life.

Married since 1994, the couple just unveiled another blog,, which focuses on how technology affects relationships.