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Two years later, I still lovingly look at him, and perhaps think a little differently.

Sure, he keeps me grounded, and tells me when I’m being dramatic/sensitive/crazy.

They were simply there to add height to the burger, and ended up taking the flavour away from the patty itself.

And thirdly, the glorious shiny bun was, again, unnecessarily big, and barely held the whole burger together. BW decided to be different today and opted for the lamb burger with peppers, halloumi, and tzatziki.

So if you are reading this, I am really sorry that I did that, and I am grateful that you still served us – thank you!

Saying this, I am not sure if being the last order had any influence on how much I enjoyed my meal.

Not wanting to deal with a huge amount of brisket as a main, I decided to opt for the starter portion.

It was well flavoured but alas, like the beef, was quite dry.

They had also put in a teeny amount of tzatziki which was a nice touch, but the burger needed some more.

It was decent but I felt like Smoky Boys would only be a restaurant I would visit if I was in the area.

The brisket and the fries were a let down, and as for the burger, it needed some tweaking.