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What often happens is the narcissistic mother and her husband get to ‘avoid’ dealing with their marital problems by getting over-involved in other activities and people. For her husband it might be over-work, another woman, or simply emotional withdrawal.

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It really was perfect, but I was sad he only had five days to spend with me.We did everything that I dreamed of doing as a city couple: Took walks in the park, held hands for the first time on the High Line, got Billy's Bakery cupcakes (arguably the best in the city) to eat under the sun, and spent hours talking in restaurants.I was at baggage claim when I turned to my right to see the guy I knew through a computer screen come and run over to me for a hug.We embraced and my legs and heart felt like they were about to explode. Since it was his birthday, I took him out to an Indian restaurant (which you could say was our first real date).He commented on a picture of mine that I took while I was in California visiting my sister.I soon realized he was from California, near where my sister lives.

But then came the inevitable question: What we were going to do about the long distance between us?Plus, I love the Burn team and fellow client community.Some group classes you go to in the City are very unwelcoming, Burn has always felt like a comfortable place for me. Nowadays, wherever there’s a soccer or baseball field. In the City we love going to Giants games, Ocean Beach, Lands End trail, Mamacita for family happy hour along with our favorite parks and playgrounds.High off of the craziness we had just endured from previous Chatrouletters, we demanded he play us a song but his microphone wasn't working.But when he did strum us a tune, he sounded exactly like Darth Vader. Three hours later, we were still talking and laughing with him.Less than a week later, we started Facebook messaging about music (I love indie music, he's more into punk rock), movies, traveling, and so much more.